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Retail Sales Supervisor
3 Days per week minimum Monday, Friday (9-6) & Saturday (9-4) at the Kelso Store.
Relieve work at both stores may be required.
Age 17+, Junior wages may apply.

The role of Retail Sales Supervisor is to oversee the day to day operations Len's Feed Shed @ Kelso, including sales & delivery, communications with new and existing customers, stock movement and control, supervising and scheduling team members, maintaining high standards of presentation & quality. This person is responsible for building good relations with our customer base and is integral to increasing sales.

Typical Duties:
· Opening and closing of shop, housekeeping, maintaining signage.
· All communications with customers such as serving call in and phone customers, organising delivery, returning to customers with quotes and backorders, searching and mailing new customers and following up with accounts in arrears.
· Investigating and advising, on new products and services.
· Data entry of customer information, posting invoices, VIP mail outs.
· Prepare banking and till reconciliation, handling mail.
· Supervising team members, training, scheduling truck, ensuring site coverage.
· Ensuring animals have food, water and appropriate bedding.
· Collecting and entering data for business measurements.
· Implement sales improvement strategies.
· Maintain company websites with content, products, pricing, blogs, SEO etc.
· Alternate between stores as required.
· Repackaging products into smaller bags for selling.

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