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Step 2 of Job Application- Additional Tasks

Congratulations on your applications. We have a few things we would like you to do to help your application

1. Submit a Resume. Please email a copy to
If you do not have a resume, simply jot down some details about you, your school history, work history and any references you have. It does not need to be professionally written, just words on paper will do.
Students also need to send a copy of your latest report card showing subjects, grades and work ethics.

2. Questionaire - Visit the following pages on our website and answer the 3 simple questions. Email your answers to

A. What is our Mission Statement? About Us – Len's Feed Shed
B. What is our guarantee if your horse doesn't eat the food you buy? Horse Feed - Food and Health for Horses Townsville – Len's Feed Shed
C. What happens every 3 months if you join our VIP Rewards Club? About Us – Len's Feed Shed

3. Personality Profile - The next link is a multiple choice profile questionaire. It is very important to follow these intructions. For each question there are 4 sets of words that describe people. I want you to write MOST next to the words that describe you the best and LEAST next to the words that are least like you. There are 24 sets so you need only 1 MOST & 1 LEAST for each set.

Click Here and print it, write your name on it and email it to

Example of Assessment done properly Click Here

If you have any trouble or problems you can email me at or call me 0439 740 152 (9am-6pm) and leave a message.

4. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a work trial. Time and Date to be advised

Again, if you have any problems or concerns, please email me on or call 0439 740 152 (9am-6pm) and leave a message.

Good Luck!