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When should I worm my animals?

Every animal is different when it comes to when you should worm your animals as well as the products you use. Some products are monthly and some are 3 monthly, some are for consumption and some are not. It's always I wise idea to see a Vet and/or read any product carefully before use.

Below is the ideal times to worm your animal:

PUPPIES - 2, 4,8,12 weeks then to Adult Dog

DOG - Heartworm Monthly
         - Intestinal 3 monthly (unless advised otherwise by vet or product using to               worm with)

KITTENS - 6, 8,12 weeks then to adult cat

CATS - 3 Monthly

CHICKENS - 3 Monthly

PIGS- 2 Monthly

FOALS - 6weeks, 6months, 9month, 12months then to adult

HORSES - Every 6-12 weeks

LAMBS - 8 weeks old then every 4-8 weeks till a year

SHEEP - 3 monthly and 4 weeks before lambing

KIDS - 8 weeks old then every 4-8 weeks till a year

GOATS - 6/8 times a year, 4 weekly in summer, 4weeks before kidding

COWS - 6 monthly

GUINEA PIGS - 3 monthly

Making sure you follow this routine ensures a happy and healthy animal!

Some of the wormers we supply are:

  • Wormers for Dogs

             - 10kg $4

             - 25kg  $5.50