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What's the difference between a Layer Mash and a Mixed Grain?

The difference between a Layer Mash and Mixed Grain is the Nutritional Value.

A Layer Mash is a mix of grains as well as has high levels of calcium and protein. They add these high levels of Calcium and Protein by adding Shell Grit and meat meals in with the grains. This helps your chickens lay those oh so yummy eggs we all enjoy. 

The Mixed Grain on the other hand is a simple mix of  cracked corn, sorghum, wheat and grey stripe sunflower. Due to this mix not having the levels of Calcium and Protein needed for egg production, we recommend this feed for Roosters, Drakes and older hens who have stopped laying.


There are two types of mixed grains available. One is Whole Grain which will sprout in the garden if left behind. And then there is a Cracked Mixed Grain which will not sprout.