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What's the best food for my puppy?

The best food for you puppy are complete and balanced feed specifically designed for growing puppies. Puppy feeds contains the specific necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients required by growing puppies to sustain their growth and nurture their health. It is not recommended to continue feeding puppy formula to adult dogs except on veterinary advice. Often pregnant and lactating females are given a puppy specific diet as they will utilise all the nutrients while feeding and caring for their offspring and the puppies will eat the puppy food when they are old enough. Once again this should be discussed with your vet first, before making the switch over, remember to swap over gradually as a pregnant dog with an upset belly is the last thing you want.

Puppy formula’s can differ; you have the option of small, medium and large breed Puppy formulas. Choosing the formula which is most relevant to your specific puppy is strongly advised as each of the different size groups contains different nutritional content as well as a difference in biscuit/meat size. A Large breed puppy will require more nutrients dedicated to health bones and joints due to their rapid growing where a small breed puppy metabolises their food much differently and is made with easily digested ingredients to keep their little tummies happy.

It is recommended to always introduce new food slowly – even if it is just the Adult version of the same brand. Ensure you have chosen a complete, balanced, high quality nutritious dog feed that is best suited for your specific dog and always provide fresh clean water.

Generally once a puppy has reached its standard expected adult height/weight and is in good condition, it is a good indication that it may be a suitable time to consider a swap. For some breeds and Cross bred or mixed breed dogs this can be extremely difficult to determine. Following the general age guideline and consulting with your vet is always the best option.

Making the switch from Puppy food up to an Adult dog food is an important decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly. All dogs are different, but there is a general guideline you can follow:

Extra Small/Toy Breeds – 9 – 12 months

Inbetweeners – 12-18 Months

Giant breeds 18-24 Months

Our preferred brands of puppy foods are: Eukanuba, Cobber and Enduro.