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What is the best food for my horses?

The best food for your horse is a complete diet that has all the nutritional requirements for their breed, activity and age. Their diet also needs to be made from the best quality ingredients to ensure your horse has a long, healthy and happy life. To get high performance out of your horse you need to put high quality food in.
Horse feed come in Low, Medium or High levels of mix. Low or also know as "Cool" feeds are specifically made for those horses who are in the paddock and being ridden rarely. Medium and High feeds are for the working, sporting or racing horse. There are feeds for the young, pregnant and old, all with the nutrients they need at that stage of their life.
Hay is also required to make the best food for your horse! Lucerne hay has high nutritional values and is well accepted by horses. However, you can’t feed only Lucerne because it is too high in protein to form 100% of their diet.  A good quality Rhodes hay is a substitute for grass in the paddock that your horse can eat all day.  The best diet consists of the Rhodes for the bulk of the diet and a small amount of Lucerne.
Making sure access to fresh water and Rhodes hay, small amounts of Lucerne hay and the specific feed chosen that has all the nutritional requirements for your horse will make up the best food for your horse.