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What is the best food for my dog?

The best food for your dog is a complete diet that has all the nutritional requirements for their particular breed and age. It also needs to be made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure your dog has a long, healthy and happy life. Super Premium foods, like Eukanuba, is the best in our opinion.
Super Premium products seek out the best possible ingredients and add everything important for your dog’s health. You end up with not only a very high quality food, but a highly concentrated food, that doesn’t need to be fed in high quantities. Other benefits include less fleas & ticks, skin conditions and vet bills.  Cheaper brands seek out lower quality ingredients change the formulas and ingredients to keep prices down.  Often ingredients are removed altogether resulting in an incomplete diet that needs to be supplemented with other ingredients.
Stepping down in quality from Eukanuba is Enduro followed by Bonnie and Uncle Albers, then Cobber and lastly True Value.