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Review of Grandpa Feeders or Treadle Feeders

Today we are reviewing the Grandpa Feeder, also known as a treadle style feeder.

Pros of Grandpa Feeders:

  • These feeders are definitely built to last, made from galvanised metal and an aluminum step plate. They have a 2 year guarantee.
  • In the closed position, they do appear to be water proof to keep your feed dry during the rain.
  • In the closed position, they will prevent all animals from eating your food.

Cons of Grandpa Feeders:

  • It is true that you get what you pay for, however these are 5 times the price of a plastic feeder, and 2.5 times the price of a galvanised feeder of similar size.
  • We don’t advise leaving any feeders out in the sun or rain. Chickens still need to eat in the rain, so it will certainly get wet if left uncovered.
  • The opening plate is to open at a weight, so if 1 finch or 1 rat stands on it. But they rarely travel on their own, and they don’t eat very much anyway. In Townsville our biggest pest problem is Ibis’s (dump birds) and pigeons and they will definitely open the feeder.
  • It can take some time for the chickens to learn how to open the feeder.

Conclusion of Grandpa Feeders:

The most fundamental principle in chicken care is “Free Access to Food”

Any measures to limit free access to food will result in a reduction of health, reduction of eggs, increase in fighting and an increase in gorging themselves when they do get access.

Therefore we do not recommend or sell Grandpa Feeders or these types of feeders.

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