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What are these white/grey spots on the comb?

Bird Pox (Fowl Pox Virus)

 What are these white/grey spots on the comb?

 They are a slow spreading viral infection that is very contagious within the flock. It is spread by mosquitoes and will only affect the non-feathered portions of the chooks. This can last for months to years so there is no fast-acting quire. Starts with white/grey spots or lesions on the comb, face, and wattles this will slowly turn into scabs.

Quarantine all infected hens/ roosters as this will help stop the spread. This is not a fatal virus either.


  • White/Grey spots or lesions
  • Decreased egg supply
  • Weight Loss
  • Decreased appetite


  • Good Housekeeping of the coop – clean & Dry
  • Use insect repelling plants around the coop like mint & marigolds.
  • Good dose of Avi-Vital in their water will help too