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Did you know? (Chicken facts)

Thought we would have some fun with this one. Are you ready?

Did you know:

DNA analysis has shown that chickens are the closest living relative of dinosaurs such as the T-Rex?

Chickens have exceptional eyesight and they see the world in colour, just like we do?

You can tell what colour eggs a hen will lay by the colour of her ear lobes? A Hen with white ear lopes will lay creamy white eggs. A hen with red ear lobes will lay brown eggs.

It is common for a hen in a backyard setting to live 8-10 years, which is about the same as many dogs?

As the yolk travels through the oviduct, it is continually rotating, which twists structural fibres into rope like strands that anchor the yolk in the thick egg white. this is why the yolk is always in the centre when you crack an egg open.

Chickens communicate with more than 24 vocalisations, each with a distinct meaning, including warning others about different types of predators or letting their mother know whether they're comfortable.