Chook Pen Pack Budget

Chook Pen Pack Zinc Budget

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Budget Chook Pen Pack includes
1x Budget Zincalume Chicken Coop 1.8m H x 1.5m W x 0.8m D
1x Double Nesting Box
4 x Point of Lay Pullets
1x 5kg Feeder
1x 6.5L Waterer
1x 25kg Tropical Course Laying Mash,
1x Briefcase Bale Wood Shavings

These ladies are from 18 weeks old and are already laying or nearly there. Generally hens will start laying from 18-24 weeks old, so these are what you want if you want fresh eggs today. 
These are also Commercial Layers giving you more eggs per year than normal breeds. These will generally be red hens as they are found toy be best layers and less aggressive. These are used to being handled and are quite docile (great for pets and kids).

Bond White Layer- A pure white small-framed crossbred. Excellent liveability and high feed efficiency egg production.Eggs white to off white in shell colour. Breed: Leghorn Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

Bond Brown Layer: A variegated brown crossbred layer. Highly productive laying large brown shelled eggs. Excellent liveability during both rearing and lay. Good docile temperament and easily managed. Good feed conversion resulting in efficient egg production. BreedRhode Island Red Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

Bond Black Layer- This easy care bird produces light brown shelled eggs and performs well under variable conditions. Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Australorpe Hen