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What's the difference between Layer Mash and Layer Pellets?

The difference between Layer mash and Layer Pellets is how they're made.

A Layer mash is made with cracked grains and either a pelleted or crumbled meat meal. Chickens can be picky eaters and love this mix because they get to pick and choose what they want to eat at that time. But this can also be a problem as sometimes they don't like to eat what they need. If your chicken is only eating the corn and leaving the rest of the feed behind, this means your chicken is missing out on some very important dietary needs. This is where the layer pellet can come into play.

The Layer pellet is made of everything that a mash is made up of but in pellet form. This prevents your chickens from only picking out what they want and forces them to eat what they need. 

The Barastoc Golden Yolk Layer Pellets is a great option if you have picky hens at home.