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What you need to know about Ducks

Ducks are great to have in your mixed flock as they are quite self-sufficient and can lay large, richer flavored eggs than other poultry.

Ducks are social animals, just like chickens, and are happiest in flocks of 2 or more. The most popular layer ducks are the white Pecking Duck but there are other great laying ducks out there! Consider giving Campbells, Indian Runners, Bantam Mallards and Calls a go. (Always purchase your birds from reputable breeders!)

Ducks should be housed separately from your chickens as they are messier and prefer to sleep on the floor than up high. Laying ducks also like to make their own nests so be sure to provide plenty of hay or wood shavings and just like chickens, will need a safe enclosed space at night.

Feeding ducks is very similar to feeding chickens. They can be on any laying feed (Mash or pelletised) so long as it is in a flat dish. Due to their bill, ducks require the space to scoop their food up rather than peck.  Feed should be available at all time a long with clean water. Be sure that the feed you choose isn't medicated as some medications can harm ducks.

Ducks also don't bathe like chickens do in dust baths. They require a small pool of water, deep enough to submerge themselves into to get a good clean.

Did you know?: Bread is junk food for Ducks and should only be provided as an occasional treat. In NO circumstances is feeding moldy bread to a duck ok.