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What mulching hay is better?

The choice between Sugar Cane Mulch and Mulch Hay is dependent on what we are using it for. Although they are both mulch they do very different things, so lets have a look at those differences.

Sugar Cane Mulch breaks down slower pending application to the garden bed and its thicker cut. May help deter some insects. Retains water well. Encourages earth worms and suppresses weed growth. Great to be used in vegetable gardens or around fruit trees. 

Mulch Hay does break down faster due to its finer cut but still retains water well. It holds lots of nutrients still due to being cut while its still green unlike Straw Mulch that is dried and hollow with no nutrients left. Its soft, dense and sponge like, great for flower beds as well as vegetable gardens. It can also be used as bedding for animals like chickens, which with the added chicken manure with the hay can create a great compost once its broken down.