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What Is The Best Food For My Dog

At Len's Feed Shed, we want your Dogs to Thrive, not just Survive

With that in mind we are writing some Frequently Asked Questions for Adult Dogs (FAQs)

What is the best food for my dogs?

The best food for your dog is a complete diet that has all the nutritional requirements for their particular breed and age.

It also needs to be made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure your dog has a long, healthy and happy life.

Super Premium foods like Eukanuba are the best in our opinion.

Why are some dog foods $20 a bag and others $120 a bag?

Super Premium products seek out the best possible ingredients and add everything important for your dog’s health.

You end up with not only a very high quality food, but a highly concentrated food, that doesn’t need to be fed in high quantities.

Other benefits include less fleas & ticks, skin conditions and vet bills. Cheaper brands seek out lower quality ingredients change the formulas and ingredients to keep prices down.

Often ingredients are removed altogether resulting in an incomplete diet that needs to be supplemented with other ingredients.

What table scraps can dogs eat?

Watch out, there are dangers on your dinner plate! In a typical plate of leftovers there is fat from the meat, a cooked bone that can splinter, potatoes, pasta and rice which are all high in poor carbohydrates and salt levels.

Breads also contain salts, sugars and poor carbohydrates as well as preservatives that dogs can’t handle.

There is very little if anything on your plate that provides nutritional value for your dog, meaning they are better off without it. 

What food do you use or recomend for your Adult Dogs?

We have been feeding Eukanuba to our dogs for 20 years.

Our dogs have always eaten it well and don't get table scraps.

Our dogs are always very healthy, don't get fleas and ticks, mite worms and rarely visit the vet.

We believe in spending our money on their nutrition and let nature work at it's best.

If you are not ready for Eukanuba yet?

That is OK, we just want you to think what you are feeding now, and can you go up a level.

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