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What is rain scald and how to treat it.

What is rain scald? 

Rain scald, also called rain rot or mud fever, is caused by the organism dermatophilus condolensis that multiplies in wet, hot, and humid conditions.

Rain scald usually appears on the back and rump, but it may present itself on the back of the fetlock and front of the cannon bone, and around the eyes, ears, and muzzle. These large crust-like scabs or small matted tufts of hair are not painful, except when they are removed during treatment.

How do I treat rain scald? 

Dry and well-ventilated areas will assist in ridding your horse of rain scald. Do not rug your horse or even put anything on them. Remove these the scabs will leave tender, pink skin, so this process must be done slowly and carefully to avoid unnecessary pain to your horse.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial shampoos such as Quit-Itch or Hoss Gloss will help to kill the dermatophilus condolensis organism. During treatment, your horse should be kept in a dry and well-ventilated area, separated from other infected horses, and protected from biting insects. 

How do I prevent rain scald? 

Wash all equipment thoroughly with disinfectant and do not share any equipment with any other horses unless its cleaned first. Most horses should be using their own equipment to start off with.

Making sure that the stable is cleaned, dry footing, good ventilation and just in general good stable keeping will help getting rid of rain scalds sooner.