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Why does my chicken have bloody poo?

You chicken possibly has bloody poo due to Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease. The parasite is called coccidian protozoa. They live and reproduce within the animal cells and infect the digestive tract. It is easily spread by contact with infected feces or ingestion of infected tissue.

Coccidiosis is deadly to chickens if gone untreated. Prevention is key to a happy and healthy chicken. Clean and disinfected cages, feeders and waterers every week, fresh bedding and giving fresh food and water regularly will also help. Chickens who look lethargic and not eating or drinking may be a sign of coccidiosis as well as diarrhea (Bloody diarrhea occurs in severe cases).

It is most commonly seen in chicks in the first few months of their life. Most chick starter feeds will have the coccidiosis medicine to help control outbreaks as much as possible but its not always enough. Sometimes if the outbreak is bad enough they do require medicine such as Coccivet  to help treat the disease. It can be used at any age and simply popped in their drinking water. It is always a good idea to separate the infected from the healthy as soon as possible, treat both infected and healthy at the same time as well as clean and disinfect everything thoroughly to prevent another outbreak. 

If you are still unsure if your chicken has coccidiosis or is ill with something else, your vet will have the right answers for you!