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What can Quails eat?

We are seeing an increase in quail population amongst our customers and the first question we get is "What can quails eat?". 

The answer is easy! They can eat anything a chicken or duck can eat! They will also happily eat worms, insects and any plant matter such as fresh leafy greens from the dinner table. They also love any home grown sprouts if you really want to treat them to something special. Oyster shell for calcium and Shell grit to aid in digestion are also added extras to keep your quail healthy. We recommend Grains and Greens as a complete feed for your laying quails as it still contains a high amount of protein to aid in egg production.

Baby quails do require a little more care. A starter crumble that contains a high protein content is the ultimate feed for Quails between hatching and 8 weeks of age. This will help with growth and keeping them healthy. At 6-8 weeks is when they can go to a layer mash.

Quails do eat till they are full so having a sufficient supply of feed and fresh water at all times is a must.