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Review on Tradition Plastic "Bell" Waterers

Today we are reviewing the Traditional Plastic "Bell" Waterers

Pros of Plastic Feeders:

  • UV stabilised plastic
  • Includes a wire handle at the top of the drinker (can also be hung up from handle)
  • The higher neck of drinker is suitable for birds with big combs
  • Allows full 360° access.
  • Ability to see how low water is before getting to empty.
  • Come in many sizes to suit multiple ages and flock sizes.
  • Easy to pull apart to clean.

Cons of Plastic Waterers:

  • Tendency to crack and break if left in constant sun.
  • Can allow easier access for rodents and other wildlife if not stationed appropriately.
  • Need to be cleaned and water replaced regularly to prevent build up of algae and any feacal or bedding matter.
Conclusion of Plastic Waterers:

The most fundamental principle in chicken care is “Free Access to Water”

Any measures to limit free access to water will result in a reduction of health, possible death, reduction of eggs, increase in fighting and an increase in gorging themselves when they do get access.

Therefore we highly recommend and sell the Traditional Plastic "Bell" waterers and others alike due to its functionality and ability to give free access to water to your chickens. They can be found here.