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Review on Galvanised Feeders

Review of Galvanised Feeders

Today we are reviewing the Galvanised Feeders.

Pros of Galvanised Feeders:

  • These feeders are definitely built to last, made from galvanised metal to prevent cracks, breaks and Sun Damage.
  • Similar design to the Bell Feeders to allow 360° access
  • Available in 9kg, 12kg and 15kg holding capacities.
  • Includes handle for easy carrying and hanging.
  • Removable lid for easy refilling and cleaning.

Cons of Galvanised Feeders:

  • Can't externally see how much feed is left to know when to fill.
  • A 9kg Galvinaised feeder costs 1.1 times the cost of a 15kg Plastic Feeder.
  • Can allow easier access for rodents and other wildlife if not stationed appropriately.

Conclusion of Galvanised Feeders:

The most fundamental principle in chicken care is “Free Access to Food”

Any measures to limit free access to food will result in a reduction of health, reduction of eggs, increase in fighting and an increase in gorging themselves when they do get access.

Therefore we do recommend and sell Galvanised Feeders. They can be found here.

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