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Review of Dine a Chook Waterers

Today we are reviewing the Dine a Chook Waterer.

Pros of Dine a Chook Waterer:

  • Australian Made with German Luby Cups. Long lasting industrial grade UV protected plastic to avoid brittleness and breaking.
  • Holds up to 4L of water and is suited for up to 6-8 Chickens.
  • Prevents Algae.
  • Automatic float system.

Cons of Dine a Chook Waterer:

  • It is true that you get what you pay for, however these are 2.7 times the price of a 4L plastic waterer. 
  • The Luby cups are very small and limits how many chickens can drink at one time.
  • The Luby cup float system do tend to fail due to clogging or other issues and could cause chickens to go without. 
  • Still needs to be checked regularly as you can't see how much is left.

Conclusion of Dine a Chook Waterer:

 The most fundamental principle in chicken care is “Free Access to Water”

Any measures to limit free access to water will result in a reduction of health, possible death, reduction of eggs, increase in fighting and an increase in gorging themselves when they do get access.

The longevity of the materials used are quite good and we do stock small quantities of the Dine a Chook Waterers.

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