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Is my cat sick or a fussy eater?

Cats are notoriously fussy with their feed making it hard to determine if they are sick or just being a cat.

If you have a normally happy and healthy cat that is off their food here are some things to consider:

  • Have you changed their food recently?
  • Are you up to date with all parasite treatments? Worming and fleas?
  • Have they been put on any medication?
  • Is your cat known to have pancreatitis?
  • Does your cat suffer from hair balls?
  • Anything that may be causing an obstruction, like missing toys, strings or hair ties?
  • Has your cat gotten into anything it shouldn’t have recently?
  • Is your cat suffering from an infection anywhere?

If a cat is frequently in the litter box with no results you need to seek vet advice. If your cat has not eaten in 24 hours and you can’t put it down to standard temperament or food  dislike, seek veterinary advice. If your cat is vomiting or their poo changes, it is always best to have a chat to your vet and get it checked out.

Keep food the same, introduce new feed slowly. Keep you cat from eating bad things like hair ties, pieces of string or ribbon and plants. If your cat is prone to hairballs remember to keep up their grooming routine and remove excess fur frequently. Try not to use bait poisons around the house, as cats can still become poisoned from catching or playing with the already poisoned Mice or Rats. If you are using poisons around your yard or you know your neighbours do, try to restrict Your cats access to the outside.

You can try keep food time interesting by utilising games, puzzles, and food rewards for your cat. Cats are sure to enjoy a game of cat and mouse when the mouse drops kibble along the way!

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