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Dealing with and/or preventing Broody Hens

Broodiness occurs when a Hen insists on sitting on the eggs hoping they will hatch. Broody Hens occupy the nest for extended period of time, thereby preventing other hens from laying.

Symptoms of Broodiness are as follows:

  • Prolonged nest sitting with or without eggs
  • Flattened wing stance over her chest
  • Aggression when her nest is approached.
  • Aggression towards other birds in the nesting area.

Prevention, management and Treatment:

  • Broody hens should be removed to separate wire coops. There, provided with sufficient feed and water, they should be cured within 3-4 days after which they can be returned to the flock. Keep a close watch for the next few days, as they may lapse back into being broody. Repeat isolation treatment if they do.
  • Be sure to be removing eggs as soon as possible to prevent Hens from sitting on them.