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Chickens in the winter

Chickens in the winter/ wet seasons

Like most animals when it comes to winter, they do not do so well. Making sure they are warm and dry from the frosty mornings to the wet days that we can have in winter.

Any moisture in the coop can cause health issues with your flock and this is good, this can be from mould in the coop from too much moisture then led to respiratory issued and frostbite. Here is what you can do.

To help with any moisture in the coop or nest boxes makes sure you are using an absorbent bedding such as Hysorb wood shavings or premium bedding/ mulch hay. This will help absorb any moisture in the coop or bedding and not make your flock sick or uncomfortable from being in wet yucky bedding. Also having good ventilation in the coop with help this trapped moisture to escape out the pen. Do not fully lock the flock up as their body gives of heat and that causes moisture in the coop.

Frostbite can be nasty in the cooler regions of Australia. Chickens can get bad frostbite on their combs and wattles so I would recommend using vasaline (Petroleum Jelly) on their combs and wattle it will give them a bit more protection during the winter nights.

Always check and give your chooks fresh water in winter as it can freeze overnight and that is not good for chooks and never place the water in the coop with the body head of the chooks it will evaporate the water this can leave them dehydrated.

As a treat of a morning just like us we like a hot breakfast on a cool morning. Using oats and water to make porridge to warm them up but only as a treat as this can make them gain the weight.