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Can I feed my dog raw meat?

Yes, you can feed your dog raw meat but its also good to know all the facts before you do...

Feeding you dog raw meat offers them higher amounts of proteins and fats added into their diet. We recommend you only feed 2% worth of your dogs weight in raw meat along with veggies to make it a complete diet. You can also feed raw meat and kibble but it is recommended to feed the two separately, ie. Raw meat in the morning and kibble in the afternoon, to prevent stomach upset. 

Beef, Chicken, Roo and Steak & Kidney are safe to feed your dog so long as safe practices are being followed. Raw meat still has the potential to have bad bacteria if not freshly given to the animal straight away or put in the freezer for at least a week to kill off the bacteria. These bad bacteria's can cause your dog to get very sick. To prevent this, your dog is allowed cooked meat as well. Most vets will recommend cooking your dogs meat to prevent your dog from getting sick but it is not necessary.

Raw or cooked pork and raw fish are not allowed to be fed to your dogs. Raw pork has been found to have round worm and will invade your dogs digestive system if ingested. The pork meat itself whether cooked or raw is also more difficult for dogs to digest and will cause stomach upset. Raw fish is not advised due to potential transmission of SalmonellaListeria and Clostridium along with the chance that the bones will get lodged in the digestive track and cause internal injuries.

Beef Brisket Bones and Roo-tail Bones are also safe for Large dogs only. Small dogs are allowed raw chicken necks as the bones are small enough and should not splinter. Cooked chicken bones should never be fed to your dog as they will splinter in the stomach and intestines. Raw or cooked pork bones should also never be fed to your dog as they are choking hazards and the bone is to strong to be digested properly.

 Now you know the facts about feeding your dog raw meat, its up to you as a fur parent to decide what's best for your pup.  Will it be raw meat? Cooked meat? Either way, your dog will love it and love you for it!