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Christmas time and your Hens

Happy hens over the holiday periods.

We always seem to forget about the feathered ones when it comes to Christmas time and going away can be difficult with chickens, but here are a few tips and ideas to help you out this festive season.

  • Organize a carer for the chickens to come in and check on them.
  • Making sure your chicken has enough water and food and easy access to them
  • Making the pen a predator proof as you possible can. Ensure all holes are fixed and secure
  • Hot weather can be nasty at this time of year please make sure they have enough shade and plenty of water to access too
  • Having extra coop toys like CDs and mirrors to look at, pecker blocks to peck at and plenty of frozen fruit and veg have it hanging around to peck at and eat.
  • Before leaving make sure the coop is clean and fresh but also have enough and easy to access for the people that are looking after your hens.

Enjoy your holiday time.